Wedding Planning Against The Clock

We’ve all seen those frantic episodes of Don’t Tell the Bride, where the grooms struggle to pull everything together in 3 weeks. For most, it’s a nightmare. However, planning your wedding on such short notice doesn’t have to be such a troubling experience.

In fact, shot-gun weddings can actually be something truly beautiful. With the announcement of the Royal wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, many have wondered how they will be able to pull it off in such a short amount of time. It’s not impossible – in fact, it’s very easy. We’ve rounded up the best tips on planning a short-notice wedding to help send you down the aisle!

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
These are words to live by. Start the process by mapping out a clear plan. What will get done first? Who is sorting out what? This will alleviate your stress and make organization far more efficient. Without a plan, going in blind, it’s easy for things to escalate and become too difficult to pull together. Plus, it give you an excuse to buy a nice new notebook and cross jobs off your list – both satisfying and smart thinking!

Inclusivity is essential
When you have time to plan your wedding, you can shop around for different suppliers and mix and match certain elements of your day. However, working to a short time scale, it’s not uncommon that suppliers will be unavailable for your chosen date. That’s why using an inclusive supplier like Morton’s Event Hire is so beneficial. Sourcing separate generators, toilets, lighting and a marquee on top of all that is a lot of leg work. Morton’s are able to provide all of those items (and more!) in house, meaning that if your date is secured, so is a whole bounty of added extras. This saves you so much time trying to organise different suppliers and a lot of unnecessary stress.

Accept the fact you can’t please everyone
It’s not just some suppliers who are unable to do a quick turn around, but guests also. Sometimes, you just have to accept that you can’t have everyone you would have wished to have at your wedding.

Keep your guest list small.  This minimizes upset and also allows for you to focus on what a wedding is all about – the marriage. Alternatively, have a guest live stream the wedding via skype or facebook. This means that those unable to travel or make it can still be involved in the big day.

Think outside of the box
Quite often, short notice weddings can mean limited budget. From bridal bouquets to catering, there’s a lot of hidden costs you probably wouldn’t have even realized prior to planning a wedding.

You can save money by arranging your own bouquets or by having a B.Y.O.B. reception.

Remember what it’s all about
Whether you’re walking down an aisle, a beach or through some woodland, your wedding is all about who’s waiting for you at the end. Planning a wedding quickly lets you get the stress out of the way and lets you get back to why you wanted to get married in the first place.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning well in advance or the deadline is in sight, we’re always happy to help! If you have any queries on planning your big day with Mortons, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01692 538928


A massive thank you for providing an amazing and unique tent for our wedding. We were both so glad we went with the stretch tent for something a bit different and we couldn’t have been more pleased! All of our guests said how fabulous it looked! A big thank you also to everyone at Morton’s for helping and answering all of our questions in the run up to our big day. I definitely feel I know more about luxury toilets and generators! We would recommend Morton’s to anyone planning a wedding and wanting a tent which is a little different.

We were delighted with the marquee supplied by Morton’s Events.

Our guests were bowled over by the interlinking hexagonal “pods” (as we called them) and all commented on how special it made the wedding breakfast seem. We managed to accomodate 170 guests in plentiful space while making it seem intimate and cosy.

Mortons’ staff were incredibly helpful,flexible and obliging and decorated the marquee beautifully,with fairy lights and a fabulous starcloth ceiling over the dance “pod”.

Together with table decorations designed by my daughter,the effect created was magical,or as one guest put it “breathtaking.”

We would unhesitatingly advise any family contemplating a wedding in a marquee to opt for Morton’s.

Morton’s were professional, accurate, knowledgable and nothing seemed a problem.


The pods lend themselves in any situation and function and looked far better than we had both dreamed of.
Thank you Simon for making our day go without a hitch and for all your hard work and for what seemed like ours was the only function that year!

We had Mortons marques for our daughters wedding. With 200 guests we had 5 pods, a 5×5 square for the bar area and another as the entrance.

The seating for the guests wrapped round the dance floor giving a wonderful view to all and creating a great atmosphere. Mortons were so helpful always at the end of the phone and the whole day and all preparations went to plan. We would definitely use them again.