Top Wedding Trends By Wedding Planner, Emily Andrew

Without a doubt, the top trend is the personalisation of weddings. This is not a new trend but it isn’t going anywhere!

Brides and grooms are demanding a celebration as they want it. Old traditions and package weddings are definitely something I see declining, as couples are researching on Pinterest and looking for ways to incorporate what is important to them, and bring their own personalities into their special day. Personalisation can cover every element of the wedding day, from picking a hidden gem of a dry hire venue with loads of flexibility to design a unique wedding day, through to creating a bespoke cocktail for your guests to sample.

I am also seeing a big increase in Celebrant led wedding services in the coming year. This links back to my previous point about personalisation, as the main benefit with a Celebrant service, is that couples can choose a ceremony which is truly reflective of them and includes the elements which are important to them; for example, if they want a sand ceremony or a hand fastening, then the choice is theirs. Location becomes less of an issue, as well with Celebrant led ceremonies, which gives couples so much more freedom and flexibility with their wedding planning.

Food will always play a massive part in weddings and sharing platters are a massive trend. They are great for a slightly less formal wedding day, and are a flexible way of catering for a variety of dietary requirements. I also think they are a great way of encouraging conversations, and are brilliant icebreakers when you have guests who don’t know many other people. Moving away from a set three-course dinner, is also a great way for couples to inject their personalities into their food choices. Opting for substantial canapes, having a “Great Bake Off” style dessert table, or mobile food trucks for the evening, are all brilliant options for adding some interest and fun to your special day.

Weekend weddings are another growth trend I am seeing this year. So many brides and grooms have families and friends scattered all over the UK and even abroad, so a wedding is the perfect excuse to make the most of reuniting. Extending their wedding celebration over a whole weekend, really lets them make the most of their time with all their friends and family and maximise the festivities. 

I also think couples are becoming more environmentally aware when it comes to making decisions about their weddings, meaning Environmentally Conscious Weddings are a growing wedding trend. This can be as complex as aiming for a zero-waste event, or as simple as selecting organic, locally sourced food for their wedding menu. I always advocate to my clients that they should use local suppliers to save on delivery costs as well as fuel, so sourcing locally can not only be better for your pocket, but environmentally too. Using recyclable materials and researching the environmental credentials of your suppliers, can also help this be achieved. Another tip is to speak to your florist about whether they can locally source your flowers, not use foam and non-recyclable plastics.

Making sure your stationery is made of recycled paper (or even forego stationery completely and opt for paperless invites or a wedding website to communicate your plans with your guests), and that your stationer, or printer, uses environmentally friendly production methods.

Whatever trend you decide to follow for your own wedding though, just make sure that you create a day which is what you want! If you would like any help with your planning or creating your vision, I would love to chat to you more!

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