The Speech – Traditional Toast or Modern Moment

Picture the scene. The happy couple are married, pictures have been taken, champagne has been drunk and food has been eaten. Now it’s time for the big moment – the infamous speeches. Everyone looks forward to them. Will they make you laugh, cry or cringe with embarrassment? Over the years, speeches have changed a lot and what is considered acceptable or should we say appropriate, has changed a lot. With so many different styles now and with so many guests at a wedding to choose from. Would you stick with a traditional style or choose something more modern?

Traditionally, you would find that after the dinner is over – the groom, father of the bride and best man would be knocking back the drinks, dripping in sweat and struggling to get their words out over the fear of public speaking and whilst that still rings true, nowadays, you might find the bride in the same spot or even the maid of honor. Whoever you choose to give a speech and whatever style you decide, here are our tips that could help make it the perfect moment!

Be Prepared:
There are some occasions where ‘winging it’ is okay but a speech at a wedding probably isn’t it. After months of planning, down to the last miniature detail, it’s unlikely that the bride especially would appreciate a speech that has just rolled off the top of your head – this is her special day after all. No matter your relation to the wedding, time should be spent structuring what you want to say and how you want to deliver it. Not only will it make the speech sound authentic but there will be no need to stumble over your words!

Know your audience:
Particularly with the best man or maid of honor, it’s really easy to get carried away through telling embarrassing stories or funny moments you and the bride/groom have shared but understand that not everyone needs to hear it. Assess whether or not the grooms grandma in the front row needs to know about bodily functions on the infamous stag do – or if the brides dad needs to know about a potential stripper at the hen? Understanding your audience will create a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere where everyone can laugh with you as opposed to at you, for all the wrong reasons!

It would be the easiest thing in the world to get legless and stumble through your speech and hope for the best but there really is no need, you will only end up being the talk of the wedding for the wrong reason. Everyone in the room is there for the same purpose and nobody wants you to fail. Guests will appreciate that you may be nervous so remain calm, take your time and deliver the speech excellently!

Speak from the heart:
The most important one in our opinion! It’s easy to take notes from other speeches and try to make them your own but they won’t reflect your true feelings. Take some time to think about how much the happy couple mean to you or how your bride/groom makes you feel – this is your big chance to let all of your guests know! Speak from the heart and the rest will flow!


A massive thank you for providing an amazing and unique tent for our wedding. We were both so glad we went with the stretch tent for something a bit different and we couldn’t have been more pleased! All of our guests said how fabulous it looked! A big thank you also to everyone at Morton’s for helping and answering all of our questions in the run up to our big day. I definitely feel I know more about luxury toilets and generators! We would recommend Morton’s to anyone planning a wedding and wanting a tent which is a little different.

We were delighted with the marquee supplied by Morton’s Events.

Our guests were bowled over by the interlinking hexagonal “pods” (as we called them) and all commented on how special it made the wedding breakfast seem. We managed to accomodate 170 guests in plentiful space while making it seem intimate and cosy.

Mortons’ staff were incredibly helpful,flexible and obliging and decorated the marquee beautifully,with fairy lights and a fabulous starcloth ceiling over the dance “pod”.

Together with table decorations designed by my daughter,the effect created was magical,or as one guest put it “breathtaking.”

We would unhesitatingly advise any family contemplating a wedding in a marquee to opt for Morton’s.

Morton’s were professional, accurate, knowledgable and nothing seemed a problem.


The pods lend themselves in any situation and function and looked far better than we had both dreamed of.
Thank you Simon for making our day go without a hitch and for all your hard work and for what seemed like ours was the only function that year!

We had Mortons marques for our daughters wedding. With 200 guests we had 5 pods, a 5×5 square for the bar area and another as the entrance.

The seating for the guests wrapped round the dance floor giving a wonderful view to all and creating a great atmosphere. Mortons were so helpful always at the end of the phone and the whole day and all preparations went to plan. We would definitely use them again.