STREET TO THE POINT – Adapting your wedding to feature delicious food from local vendors

Food glorious food! Oh food! Magical food! Wonderful food! Marvellous Food! We don’t know about you but we think it’s the best part of any event and keeping your guests fed and watered is crucial to a successful event.

We have seen variations of the traditional ‘wedding breakfast’. From a silver platter 3-course affair, afternoon tea, a vegetarian taster menu, and even self-serving tapas. With the standard wedding changing with every new trend, we thought we’d seen it all but no – the latest and most delicious trend to come to weddings and events alike are street food trucks.

Over the past few years, street food has taken the world by storm with more and more couples opting for a chilled approach to feeding their guests. Now, we aren’t talking about those dingy vans that you see parked in laybys on the motorway. Long gone are the days of unappealing, overpriced, greasy burgers on the side of the road. No, we are thinking of converted vans serving up bold, exciting and flavoursome food, perfect for your event.

In the last 12 months, we’ve seen our brides make use of many types of street food vendors with the offerings including pie, crepes, pancakes, waffles, fish and chips, along with Mexican, Mediterranean and Thai cuisine, it seems there is a van of food for everyone’s taste! The latest addition to the street food scene comes in the form of luxury lamb burgers from supplier, Bo Peeps Catering. We caught up with them to find out their plans for the rest of 2018 and how they are going to take the street vendor world by storm!

Hi Bo Peeps Catering – tell us a little about you!

We are Amy and Monty from Ashbourne in Derbyshire which is where our journey began! In May 2017, we bought somewhat of a rust box horse trailer and proceeded to convert her into our magical mobile catering unit fit for any street food party or private events! Since entering the street food market in April this year we have had a raging success with our lamb burgers which are sourced from our family farm.

But why lamb?

Well, all our lamb is sourced from my parent’s farm, having been brought up on the beloved red meat you could say I’m a tad passionate about it! In our burgers we use all the prime cuts of meat so they’re seriously lean and flavoursome. As for Monty, well he’s just passionate about food in general, especially neat new street food! He’s got an eye for a gourmet burger so together we have perfected our menu.

So, what have you been up to since it all took off?

Our summer has been well occupied by the foodie circuit feeding the hungry crowds and we have loved every minute of it. The rest of the summer will be spent attending more of the same as well as a few weddings too. A couple of weeks ago we introduced 8 hour slow roasted pulled lamb to the menu which has enabled us to start doing wraps and salads too.

Wow, you are busy! What’s next?

Next on the checking list is to start selling 4 packs of raw burgers, we’ve been so lucky in the fact that many of our street food customers have returned to our trailer to ask if they can take our burgers home.

Be sure to look out for Bo Peeps Catering as they could be at the next event you attend! For more information on what they are up to, head to their Twitter page!

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