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Our Sailcloth Marquee

Sailcloths are well suited to festival, rustic and intimate style events. With a stylish appearance and laid-back vibes, this style marquee will showcase your décor theming perfectly. Bring the outdoors in with translucent walls, which you can roll up or down; your event can spill out to the adjacent grounds, giving even more space for the festivities. Allow natural light to flood in during daylight hours and see the brilliant glow after dark that will enthrall your guests.


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Example Layouts

Make your marquee unique

You can see what makes our marquees so unique! We’ve put together some example layouts that show just some of the configurations you can choose from.

Two Pole Sailcloth

Seats 100 Guests

A Sailcloth marquee with dance floor, trestle tables and bar.

Three Pole Sailcloth

Seats 150 Guests

A Sailcloth marquee with dance floor and trestle tables.

What size you need, depends on your guest numbers, table choice, and whether you don’t mind a few tables on the dancefloor, to be moved for the evening. We tend to say 60 guests for a one-pole, 100 guests for a two-pole and 150 for a three-pole sailcloth. These are the guests numbers, that will give you ample room, without having to re-configure the space. This also depends on which elements of your day will be going inside the marquee. Get in touch, and we will work with you, to determine the size you need.

The sailcloth is the perfect blank canvas for truly bespoke and ‘festival’ style events. Giving more rustic, laid-back vibes, compared to our other styles. With no lining needed, as the bare-skin of the sailcloth being it’s best feature, this style plays well to minimal dressing. Focusing on well placed lighting brings this tent to life, showcasing a stunning lightshow after dark.

Our Other Marquees

A Marquee For All Events

Traditional Marquee

Offering a quintessentially classic look for your event, our traditional marquees are the pinnacol of heritage style. With there high sweeping ceilings, draped lining and definitive poles, traditional style marquees, bring a touch of elegance to any event.

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Modular Marquee

The most popular style of our luxury marquees, hexagonal modular pods, gives clients the capability of configuring the space as they would like. For those who do not wish to compromise, pods can be added and placed as requested, to accommodate all aspects of the day.

Modular Marquee
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