Modular Marquee pod

Imagine having a venue for your event that’s totally bespoke. No working around existing architecture or thinking about how far away the loos are. Worrying whether the food will be cold before it comes from the kitchen can take the shine off organising your event. The solution is simple – try our modular marquees, or Pods as we call them!

These are our most popular luxury marquee and it’s easy to see why. Modular marquees are made up of hexagonal pods that attach together any way you want, to give you the bespoke venue you’re after. The endlessly configurable nature of the pods give you the ultimate venue. Size, shape and layout is all up to you – it is your event after all!

You can choose from hexagonal, square, diamond and triangular pods. Putting them together is half the fun, tell us how many guests you have and we can help you plan a layout that fits perfectly. You can easily add a triangle or diamond to give your guests some breathing room.

You can open walls to connect the inside to the outside. No more losing guests, and you can really tie the two spaces together beautifully!

We try and make things as stress-free as possible when you plan an event using our pods. Our marquees come as a package, so you get a clear idea of costs with the peace of mind of knowing everything is included. We’ll set up the marquee, install a catering pod, a dance floor, linings or even a separate pod for children to be entertained. Modular marquees offer limitless configurations – tell us what you want and we fit the pods to make it happen. It’s completely bespoke.

Why settle for second best, when you could build your own venue in a personalised location? Take advantage of breathtaking views in a stately home or setup your venue somewhere special like your family home. Our luxury marquee pods will be the backdrop for an event you’ll never forget!

Morton’s Layout planner to see for yourself how versatile these modular marquees can be!

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Example Layouts

You can see here what makes our marquees so unique! We've put together some example layouts that show just some of the configurations you can choose.

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Three Modules

This three module layout features space for tables, dancefloor, catering tent and a bar.

Suits 100 People
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Four Modules

Our four module layout includes a module dedicated to a dancefloor and a bar/mixing area. The catering tent gives caterers plenty of room to work.

Suits 118 People
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Four Modules

This four module layout allows for a bit more room, using a whole module as a reception/mixing area. We've also included a top table, dancefloor, catering area and bar.

Suits 148 People
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Five Modules

This five module layout includes a whole module as a bar/mixing area, as well as a whole module for a really big dancefloor! With this many guests, we've allowed two catering tents to give your caterers plenty of room.

Suits 210 People
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Six Modules

This six module layout is huge- providing plenty of space to mix and wander around as well as a dancefloor module. The double catering tent gives your caterers plenty of room to work.

Suits 250 People
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