Location, Location, Location

Choosing a venue can often feel like a maze. There are so many different options and so many ways to transform them into the venue of your dreams. In the excitement of wanting to decide, there could be key things that are missing on the decided venue and by then it could be too late to change your mind. We want to help you cover all bases and not forget any important details!

You want to be able to share your special day with as many guests as you want. You don’t want to feel like you have to cut numbers because you don’t have the space. When deciding on a venue, you are best off starting with a rough number in your head for how many people you want to attend. That way, you’ll be able to narrow down venues based on the capacity they hold. You’ll easily be able to cut out venues based on this requirement.

Another factor that you need to decide on is where you actually want the wedding to be. Perhaps your home town or the home town of your spouse? Maybe you want to get away to somewhere totally new. All of these are great options but something to bear in mind is getting your guests to the location. Although everyone will want to be at the event, it has to be easily accessible in order for them to do so. For example, will taxis pick up and drop off or is it too difficult to get to? Beautiful venues in remote areas are perfect spots for a wedding but ensure guests can get to it first!

3.Overnight Staying
You want to be able to party until your hearts content, really getting the most out of your big day. Your guests will want to do that with you but if there is nowhere to stay, they will have to consider getting home. If your wedding is based in a remote location, it may be more difficult for guests to do so. With this in mind, consider venues with places to stay overnight. Camping facilities or glamping pods are always a good solution. Alternatively, is there a town or village nearby that can put guests up? Letting your guests know about these options will encourage them to book early.

Sure you’ve booked the venue for the big day but will your desired location let you in prior to the big day? You will need time to decorate and get a full feel for the venue before the event kicks off. It will be no use if there are multiple weddings happening over the weekend and you can’t have access until the morning of. Most venues will give you access for the entirety of the weekend but it’s best to check before making your decisions.

5.Facilities Available:
You’re paying for this venue but you need to know what is included. Some venues come as a shell that you have to fill. Some come with fully fledged facilities that you then don’t have to worry about. Are you going to be caught short if you don’t supply toilets? Is there a bar and if not do you need to provide one? If you are on a strict budget, then maybe you need a venue with everything included. It’s always best to find out first so there are no nasty surprises later on.

6.Weather Conditions:
Wedding season is usually during the height of summer but as everyone well knows, in the UK, good weather is never guaranteed. With this in mind, if you have your heart set on a venue because they offer outdoor weddings, you will also need to consider what will happen if the weather is bad. Alternatively, you may see a venue in the height of the winter but may like the idea of getting married outside if the sun is shining on the day. Knowing the options available to you could make or break your decision on a particular venue so cover all bases when taking a look.

7.Hidden Costs:
Budgets are tricky with a wedding. You’ll never really know how much you need to spend until you start to book things up. With the venue it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting and how much you are paying. Although there may be the deposit and the final payment, you also need to establish if there are any other costs that might incur from hiring it. For example, is there a security deposit that is non-refundable or will you get charged if something is damaged. These costs might not even come into your mind during the planning stages but could cause big problems later if they aren’t discussed.

8.Tailoring the Environment:
Your big day is just that, yours. How the day goes and the theme you choose is based around yourself and your partners personalities. You need to make sure that your venue allows you to transform it into something you love. Some places can be strict and want the venue to remain as it is to be a feature at your wedding. People do like tradition but if you want to decorate, make sure you ask if this is something that is possible. Your personality shines through with hidden details and without them, your wedding could feel like something is missing.

9.Considering the Surroundings:
When you go to visit a venue, the conditions outside could affect its appearance and appeal. Maybe you have been to visit it during a lovely summers day, but on the night of the wedding it could end up being such dark surroundings that it’s impractical for your guests to move around outside. Alternatively, maybe you love it at night time but the light of the day doesn’t truly reflect its beauty. You are likely to find it beneficial to visit the venue a couple of times, at different points of the day and in different weather conditions to decide if you want this particular venue to be the backdrop of your wedding album.

As we mentioned earlier, a venue might not necessarily include all of the facilities you need. If you have to provide the catering, alcohol and music, your first step is establishing what is or isn’t allowed on the premises. There would be nothing worse than paying for things that aren’t permitted inside the venue such as a bar or an external dj. Discussing all of these criteria earlier on will also help narrow down venue selection.


A massive thank you for providing an amazing and unique tent for our wedding. We were both so glad we went with the stretch tent for something a bit different and we couldn’t have been more pleased! All of our guests said how fabulous it looked! A big thank you also to everyone at Morton’s for helping and answering all of our questions in the run up to our big day. I definitely feel I know more about luxury toilets and generators! We would recommend Morton’s to anyone planning a wedding and wanting a tent which is a little different.

We were delighted with the marquee supplied by Morton’s Events.

Our guests were bowled over by the interlinking hexagonal “pods” (as we called them) and all commented on how special it made the wedding breakfast seem. We managed to accomodate 170 guests in plentiful space while making it seem intimate and cosy.

Mortons’ staff were incredibly helpful,flexible and obliging and decorated the marquee beautifully,with fairy lights and a fabulous starcloth ceiling over the dance “pod”.

Together with table decorations designed by my daughter,the effect created was magical,or as one guest put it “breathtaking.”

We would unhesitatingly advise any family contemplating a wedding in a marquee to opt for Morton’s.

Morton’s were professional, accurate, knowledgable and nothing seemed a problem.


The pods lend themselves in any situation and function and looked far better than we had both dreamed of.
Thank you Simon for making our day go without a hitch and for all your hard work and for what seemed like ours was the only function that year!

We had Mortons marques for our daughters wedding. With 200 guests we had 5 pods, a 5×5 square for the bar area and another as the entrance.

The seating for the guests wrapped round the dance floor giving a wonderful view to all and creating a great atmosphere. Mortons were so helpful always at the end of the phone and the whole day and all preparations went to plan. We would definitely use them again.