How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Florals

This month we are extremely pleased to welcome Flowers at the Forge to our blog. Local to our area of Norfolk, we couldn’t be happier to have her write for us. Read on to find out how Nathalie helps you choose the perfect florals for your wedding. Take it away Nathalie..

“I have a dream”…… not just the words of Martin Luther King Jr! 

Most ‘brides to be’ also have a dream where stunning floral designs cascade to provide the backdrop to their perfect wedding day. 

So, ‘no pressure,’ as a new local florist, how do I make that dream come true?

Norfolk Blooms with a twist of Dutch
Firstly, let me tell you a little bit about ‘Flowers at The Forge’.  I’m Nathalie, an adventurous forty something with a love of nature, and also the finer things in life.  My mother is Dutch and owned a dried flower design business when I was growing up.  Though Norfolk grown, I spent a lot of time in Holland and always marvelled at the stunning flower displays on the local markets and the way people created such interesting and beautiful arrangements on the window sills of their homes, I also spent a lot of time travelling and get mesmerised by the gorgeous colours, shapes, textures and scents of natural surroundings.   So, why can’t we bring the beauty of nature into our homes, events, weddings?

So, after 20 years in various sales, marketing and event roles and a change of family circumstances, I took the jump into floristry.  My mission …. to think outside the box and capture the beauty of nature using locally grown ‘Norfolk Blooms with a twist of Dutch’.

Getting to know you
So, as a bride, what does this mean to you?  I know what it means to try and capture that dream and I work closely with my brides to try and make theirs come true.  Meeting up with a bride or couple is such a key part of any wedding service.  You can feel the personality, passion and what’s really important to them. Each couple are completely different so that should reflect in their wedding day and floral designs.   Portfolios and Pinterest have their place for pulling together ideas but use them to create YOUR mood board, not just a shopping list.  This day should be all about expressing you as a couple.

Set your budget, don’t kill the dream.
To make any dream come true, you need a pinch of reality.  You shouldn’t let budget hold you back when putting together your mood board or expressing ideas but you do need to keep it in mind.  Solid gold candles and crystal chandeliers dripping with David Austin roses costs money.  Don’t try and ‘keep up with the Jones’, be creative, let your personality shine through and make your wedding unique.

So you have all these fabulous ideas on your mood board, what next. When planning your wedding, think back to your dream, what elements are your priorities? When it comes to the flowers, the top three are normally:

  • The dress & bouquet
  • The ceremony and aisle.
  • The venue for the wedding breakfast and dressing it

Find your top 3-5 and focus your budgets on these elements,  a good florist will help you with this to create the overall effect and ambience.

Waste not want not.
You have always dreamed of walking through a cascading floral archway, down an aisle to beautiful vintage urns bursting with hydrageas or down wooded pathways of candles, foliage and wildflowers.  Stunning!  Well that’s the ceremony but what about the reception,  you have 2 different venues or 2 areas, you can’t afford both within your budget.

Think outside the box.  You know your style and the ambience you want to create, why can’t work out a way to have those eye catching centrepieces but rather than waste them after the ceremony is done, use them again is the reception layout out or evening event.

At Flowers at The Forge, we also offer a venue dressing service and have worked with customers to take flowers from the ceremony and dress the reception before the wedding breakfast guests arrive .  This does have a time and design cost but it’s minimal compared to paying all over again for a complete display of flowers whilst the ceremony flowers go to waste.  Don’t make do and lose the WOW factor to spread the budget around. Waste not want not.

Dress it up
Those wow floral centrepieces need just the right vessel to create that look you’re going for and show off each carefully chosen stunning stem.  How much do these magnificent glass towers, candleholders or archway cost? , where will you store them?, will they get used after the wedding?   There are many ways a good florist can advise you,  at Flowers at The Forge we guide you in what day to day items we can recycle and transform to get the look, we also hold a good stock of accessories and work with a network of bridal prop companies.  If it hasn’t been done before then let’s make it.  We can also access to a range of skilled trades that make the dream happen.

Changing seasons and supporting British.
Every Florist has access to the Dutch auctions and can order you what’s available, sometimes even out of season – for a price!   I’m a huge lover of nature and the beauty each season brings in it’s own way.  Think about the seasons when booking your wedding.  We are very lucky to have great working relations with a network of Artisan local growers throughout Norfolk and the UK who work with the seasons to provide us with an array of field fresh flowers, each stem chosen for it’s shape, texture, colour and scent that together will form the delectable ingredients expertly blended to create your delicious perfect backdrop.

If you want to talk to us about your special day or any event, call us for your free personal consultation 01603 527034 or find us in the picturesque village of Horstead, opposite the Recruiting Sergeant Pub, NR12 7EE.   It’s your dream,  follow it.

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A massive thank you for providing an amazing and unique tent for our wedding. We were both so glad we went with the stretch tent for something a bit different and we couldn’t have been more pleased! All of our guests said how fabulous it looked! A big thank you also to everyone at Morton’s for helping and answering all of our questions in the run up to our big day. I definitely feel I know more about luxury toilets and generators! We would recommend Morton’s to anyone planning a wedding and wanting a tent which is a little different.

We were delighted with the marquee supplied by Morton’s Events.

Our guests were bowled over by the interlinking hexagonal “pods” (as we called them) and all commented on how special it made the wedding breakfast seem. We managed to accomodate 170 guests in plentiful space while making it seem intimate and cosy.

Mortons’ staff were incredibly helpful,flexible and obliging and decorated the marquee beautifully,with fairy lights and a fabulous starcloth ceiling over the dance “pod”.

Together with table decorations designed by my daughter,the effect created was magical,or as one guest put it “breathtaking.”

We would unhesitatingly advise any family contemplating a wedding in a marquee to opt for Morton’s.

Morton’s were professional, accurate, knowledgable and nothing seemed a problem.


The pods lend themselves in any situation and function and looked far better than we had both dreamed of.
Thank you Simon for making our day go without a hitch and for all your hard work and for what seemed like ours was the only function that year!

We had Mortons marques for our daughters wedding. With 200 guests we had 5 pods, a 5×5 square for the bar area and another as the entrance.

The seating for the guests wrapped round the dance floor giving a wonderful view to all and creating a great atmosphere. Mortons were so helpful always at the end of the phone and the whole day and all preparations went to plan. We would definitely use them again.