A News Years Eve Wedding

Everyone is ready for a party on the cusp of a New Year – so making it your Wedding Day seriously ups the normal excitement!

Everyone has the next day off, everyone wants to get dressed up, and everyone wants someone else to make the plans! Bring all of your friends and family together to bring in a new year in style.

Firstly, embrace the fact its New Years Eve. If you’ve chosen this day as your Wedding Day, you shouldn’t ignore the fact it has a significant meaning to everyone else anyway! Simple additions will make sure everyone stays in that end-of-year party mood. Provide the comical 2016 glasses, hang the HAPPY NEW YEAR bunting and have the fireworks ready for midnight.

Now, because it’s a doubly-special occasion, you should expect your guests to be in the drinking mood. Whilst some people don’t need much of an excuse, others will be letting their hair down for the first time in months. Bubbles will be on high demand – wine is just too normal for such a momentous day! Luckily there’s nothing classier than a room full of guests with champagne flutes, over pints of beer and cider! So buy a few bottles and just make sure everyone has a good time.


This is your opportunity to be the absolute sparkler in the room. We’ve written about how to include glitter on your big day, and it would be criminal to have a NYE Wedding and not be donned in some kind of shimmer. Everything about this party – sorry, wedding – shouts raucous, wild but glamourous. So perhaps not the environment for your beloved, white wedding dress to be involved in…? We suggest having a change of attire after all of the traditions and official photographs are complete, into something sparkly and extravagant.

Finally, your midnight ‘Action Plan’. Your guests will expect you to have one, and a bloomin’ good one at that! Often with a marquee wedding, the couple will prepare a fireworks display so we’re no stranger to the dramatic effect of this showcase. It’s truly magnificent, and offers a special moment to collect yourself and recollect on your beautiful day.

A Countdown of some kind needs to be arranged. If you have a band playing (making sure they are staying until after midnight!) then work with them to create a pre-midnight and New Year musical arrangement. Have a screen to show the clock and updates on the countdown through the night, and you can have a slideshow of your pictures on this too – just to remind everyone this day is all about you.

And to commemorate the day, and the fresh-start of a new year? Nothing beats sending up Chinese lanterns with you hopes and wishes for the coming year, and these make for the most fantastic photographs.

Things to remember on your New Years Wedding Day? The list is long. Carefully think about how you would plan a PARTY, ensuring everything is revived at midnight, as just the halfway point. Start your day later, and party until the morning. This won’t be like planning a normal wedding, you’ll have to get all the details right for a seamless event!


A massive thank you for providing an amazing and unique tent for our wedding. We were both so glad we went with the stretch tent for something a bit different and we couldn’t have been more pleased! All of our guests said how fabulous it looked! A big thank you also to everyone at Morton’s for helping and answering all of our questions in the run up to our big day. I definitely feel I know more about luxury toilets and generators! We would recommend Morton’s to anyone planning a wedding and wanting a tent which is a little different.

We were delighted with the marquee supplied by Morton’s Events.

Our guests were bowled over by the interlinking hexagonal “pods” (as we called them) and all commented on how special it made the wedding breakfast seem. We managed to accomodate 170 guests in plentiful space while making it seem intimate and cosy.

Mortons’ staff were incredibly helpful,flexible and obliging and decorated the marquee beautifully,with fairy lights and a fabulous starcloth ceiling over the dance “pod”.

Together with table decorations designed by my daughter,the effect created was magical,or as one guest put it “breathtaking.”

We would unhesitatingly advise any family contemplating a wedding in a marquee to opt for Morton’s.

Morton’s were professional, accurate, knowledgable and nothing seemed a problem.


The pods lend themselves in any situation and function and looked far better than we had both dreamed of.
Thank you Simon for making our day go without a hitch and for all your hard work and for what seemed like ours was the only function that year!

We had Mortons marques for our daughters wedding. With 200 guests we had 5 pods, a 5×5 square for the bar area and another as the entrance.

The seating for the guests wrapped round the dance floor giving a wonderful view to all and creating a great atmosphere. Mortons were so helpful always at the end of the phone and the whole day and all preparations went to plan. We would definitely use them again.